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Yaya! I’m here! August 5, 2009

Posted by Jorge Candeias in Blog stuff.

Hello, everyone.

As the very few who have visited may have noticed, this blog has been pretty much abandoned for the last three years. The reason is simple, even if somewhat embarrassing: I had misplaced the password for my wordpress account and had a few email issues as well which didn’t make it easy to recover it. Silly, huh? That’s life, the universe and everything for you.

But now, hurray, I found it. Just popped up suddenly, like an old friend who decided to renew an old friendship all of a sudden. Go figure.

So. What to do? I still have to say all those things I promised three years ago, but quite a few were said already by other, more knowledgeable people, people with much better reps than I when it comes to these issues. And even so, I myself kinda spread bits and pieces of them here and there, in the comment boxes of places such as Astroengine or Universe Today. I could go fish out those comments and use them as source for a whole series of posts, but is it worth it? Weren’t those things already said? Could a blog that has been abandoned for so long find any new readers for my thoughts, readers that don’t know all about them already?

Decisions, decisions… Life is made of decisions.

Stay tuned; I’ll let you know what I decide to do. In the meanwhile, if you wish you may tell me your opinion: the comment boxes are open, as they have been all along.



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