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OK, I’m in August 5, 2009

Posted by Jorge Candeias in Blog stuff.
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In the previous post, I promised I’d tell you what I decided regarding the future of this blog. Thanks to Astroengine‘s (and Discovery Space‘s) Ian O’Neill, who tweeted overjoyously my coming back from the dead as a space-oriented english-language blogger and hastily linked this tiny little blog from his heavyweight one, and to the guy behind Exoplanetology, who retweeted Ian’s tweet, leading to more hits and comments in one day than in the previous three years, I was left with only one option: give a new breath of life to this little Frankenstein of mine.

So OK, fellas, I’m in.

Now, don’t expect this blog to be anywhere near as active as those blogs linked above. I don’t have that much to say, in truth, nor do I have the first hand access to sources major league space bloggers have. Plus I spend a lot of time writing each post in an English that wouldn’t embarrass me too much. Not my mother tongue and all that, you know? I’m likely to go through weeks without posting anything (particularly whenever the deadlines in my day job start to tower over me, which is something that does happen relatively often), although in some occasions I may put out two or three posts in a row. The word is erratic. Expect this blog to be just that.

To stay in the loop without having to come back regularly just to see that nothing has changed, you have, of course, my RSS feed. I toyed with the idea of creating a new twitter account just for this baby, but the two email addresses I check regularly were already taken, and it may not be worth the effort of creating a new one or paying closer attention to the ones I basically ignore. You can, if you will, follow my main twitter account, where I’ll post update notices under the hashtag #1000plans, but be advised that I tweet mostly in Portuguese and on other, non-space, issues, so you may find my twitter feed quite uninteresting.

But do follow @astroengine and @exoplanetology. Those two are most certainly worth it.

One last thing on commenting policy: to avoid spam and the hassle of captchas and logins, everyone’s first comment is moderated. That means that it may take a while to show up, especially if you’re commenting while I’m sleeping or otherwise away. Rest assured, though, that it will show up (unless it’s some sort of spam or particularly trollish), and once you have one comment cleared, you’re free of moderation and your comments will show up as fast as wordpress allows. Just so you know.

See you soon.


Yaya! I’m here! August 5, 2009

Posted by Jorge Candeias in Blog stuff.
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Hello, everyone.

As the very few who have visited may have noticed, this blog has been pretty much abandoned for the last three years. The reason is simple, even if somewhat embarrassing: I had misplaced the password for my wordpress account and had a few email issues as well which didn’t make it easy to recover it. Silly, huh? That’s life, the universe and everything for you.

But now, hurray, I found it. Just popped up suddenly, like an old friend who decided to renew an old friendship all of a sudden. Go figure.

So. What to do? I still have to say all those things I promised three years ago, but quite a few were said already by other, more knowledgeable people, people with much better reps than I when it comes to these issues. And even so, I myself kinda spread bits and pieces of them here and there, in the comment boxes of places such as Astroengine or Universe Today. I could go fish out those comments and use them as source for a whole series of posts, but is it worth it? Weren’t those things already said? Could a blog that has been abandoned for so long find any new readers for my thoughts, readers that don’t know all about them already?

Decisions, decisions… Life is made of decisions.

Stay tuned; I’ll let you know what I decide to do. In the meanwhile, if you wish you may tell me your opinion: the comment boxes are open, as they have been all along.